The Asiatic Banking Corporation
1864-1866 - Colombo & Kandy, Ceylon

The Asiatic Banking Corporation (ABC) was founded in 1864 at Bombay by industrialist Premchand Roychand during a period of intense financial speculation, and was liquidated in 1866. During its brief existence the Asiatic opened a number of international branch offices, at Colombo and Kandy in Ceylon, and also at Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai and London.

Large Uniface
1864-1866 Colombo 10s, £1, 5, £10 notes;
                  Kandy 10s, £1, £5, £10 notes
Smaller Both Sides
1864-1866 Colombo 10s note
                  Kandy 10s note

Note that the value in vernacular Sinhala and Thamil is also given in Rupees, as the Indian Rupee was the familiar currency in circulation. One Pound Sterling equaled to Ten Rupees.

The name of the Bank in both Sinhala යෙසියතික්බන්කිඬ්කොර්පොරේෂන්. and Thamil யெசியதிக்.பெங்கிங்கொர்ப்பொறேஷன் (Yeciyatik.Peṅkiṅkorppoṟēṣaṉ), appear Transliterated with no spaces in all the notes issued by The Asiatic Banking Corporation.

Watermark: ASIATIC BANKING in arc above CORPORATION in line below Lighter in paper.

During the Civil War in the United States of America between the North and the South, British merchants were unable to trade in American cotton, a raw material largely produced by southern US plantations and greatly in demand by British textile mills. As a result cotton planting boomed in India and many banks sprung up after 1860. With the end of the war in 1865 April, cotton could again be exported from the south, and the boom in India abruptly ended.

Banknotes were prepared by Smith Elder & Co in London for issue at all of these branches though thus far only notes for Ceylon and for Hong Kong have actually been verified as being actually issued.

The British printer, Bradbury Wilkinson & Co, had in its archive, two complete sets of the banknotes printed for each branch of which one set was released to the numismatic collector market after 1985, before it was acquired by Thomas De La Rue in 1986.

Images mostly from Spink Auctions, particularly in 2011 April of 19th Century Ceylon Notes. It listed Signed and Remainders of the Asiatic Banking Corporation, notes from Colombo and Kandy, Ceylon. On the day of this Auction, the anonymous owner of collection cancelled it.

Text from Auction catalog
Auction Images at about 67 dpi displayed at 50 dpi.