The Asiatic Banking Corporation
1864-1866 - Colombo

Currency Notes in Sterling issued between 1864 and 1866 by The Asiatic Banking Corporation, in Colombo, with an engraving of a Bank Arms and printed by Smith Elder & Co Engravers, London

Denomination: 10 Shillings
Design Color: Green
Text Color : Black
English : Ten Shillings
Sinhala : රුපියල්පහයි
: ෂිලින්දහයයි
Thamil : ஐந்துரூபாய்
: பத்துஷீலீன்
Size : 190 x 108 mm
Date : 186_
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Denomination: 1 Pound
Design Color: Brown
Text Color : Black
English : One Pound
Sinhala : රුපියල්දහයයි
: පවඬ්එකයි
Thamil : பத்துரூபாய்
: ஒருபவுண்ட்
Size : 190 x 108 mm
Date : 186_
Status : Remainder
Pick-lk S102
Denomination: 5 Pounds
Design Color: Orange
Text Color : Black
English : Five Pounds
Sinhala : රුපියල්පනහයි
: පවඬ්පහයි
Thamil : ஐம்பதுரூபாய்
: ஐந்துபவுண்ட்
Size : 190 x 108 mm
Date : 186_
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Pick-lk S103
Denomination: 10 Pounds
Design Color: Lilac
Text Color : Black
English : Ten Pounds
Sinhala : රුපියල්සියයයි
: පවඬ්දහයයි
Thamil : நூறுரூபாய்
: பத்துபவுண்ட்
Size : 190 x 108 mm
Date : 1st November 1865
Status : Signed
Pick-lk S104

Front: On a decorated rectangular wide border centered on top in Sinhala යෙසියතික්බන්කිඬ්කොර්පොරේෂන්. on bottom in Thamil யெசியதிக்.பெங்கிங்கொர்ப்பொறேஷன் (Yeciyatik.Peṅkiṅkorppoṟēṣaṉ), Denomination in Pounds on left in Sinhala පවඬ් & in Thamil  பவுண்ட் and in Rupees on Right in Sinhala රුපියල් & in Thamil ரூபாய் Numeric Denomination in 4 corners without unit of currency. Within border on top ASIATIC BANKING CORPORATION below center crowned British Royal Coat of arms in decorate within belt with legend THE ASIATIC BANKING CORPORATION and below in waving scroll legend INCORPORATED _ BY ROYAL _ CHARTER. On either side Denomination in English in decorate with No ##### in shaded rectangle below. Within shaded rectangle shape THE ASIATIC BANKING CORPORATION Promises to pay bearer on demand at their Branch in COLOMBO in the Currency of the Island DENOMINATION POUNDS value received THE ASIATIC BANKING CORPORATION in MicroText cover shaded region with Denomination outlined in large Text on it.
Below COLOMBO ____ 18__ .
Below By Order of the Court of Directors above in one line Entd _____ Acct ______ Manager with two manuscript signatures if issued.
with Huge Numeric Value in Color as centered under-print.
In small text outside border in bottom center SMITH ELDER & Co ENGRAVERS LONDON
Back: Blank Watermark: ASIATIC BANKING in arc above CORPORATION in line below Lighter in paper.

Note that the value in vernacular Sinhala and Thamil is also given in Rupees, as the Indian Rupee was the familiar currency in circulation. One Pound Sterling equaled to Ten Rupees.

Images from Auction listings mostly from Spink Auction listings 10s, £1, £5 and £10.

Auction Images at about 67 dpi displayed at 50 dpi.

Please contact kavan @ if I have made errors in encoding the Thamil in Unicode.