The Mercantile Bank of India, London & China
Ceylon Branch - 1857 - Colombo

The Mercantile Bank of Bombay founded in 1853 was named the Mercantile Bank of India, London & China in 1857. It recieved Royal Charter on 1857 September 15. In Ceylon it issued notes at its initial branches, Colombo & Kandy, within months. This note was printed by Batho & Co London before it renamed to The Chartered Mercantile Bank of India, London & China has an Engraving with Brittania.

Denomination: 5 Shillings
Note Color: Black
HandStamp Color: Blue
English : Five Shillings
Sinhala : සිලින් පහයි
Thamil : ஐந்து ஷீலீன்
Size : 175 x 130 mm
Date : 1857
Status : Signed
Pick-lk S131

Front: On a decorated rectangular wide border centered on top CEYLON BRANCH. Within border on top Center, Helmeted Britannia(Queen Boudica) seated facing forward, Spear pointed up in right hand Shield with Union Jack in her left hand with crown on top, Anchor, two packages and steam boat with sails down with mountain behind to right. Sailing Ship, package, bale, sleeping lion, Caduceus and coconut palm on right. Small Batho & Co London below. Small denomination vertical සිලින් පහයි in Sinhala on left and ஐந்து ஷீலீன் (Aintu ṣīlīṉ) in Thamil on Right. On either side numeric 5 SHILLINGS in decorate above No ##### . Below COLOMBO on left, and ____ 18__ on right.
THE MERCANTILE BANK OF INDIA, LONDON & CHINA Promises to pay bearer on demand at its Branch in COLOMBO in the Currency of the Island FIVE SHILLINGS value recd
Below By Order of the Directors above in one line Entd _____ ACCTt ______ MANAGER
Value as large word FIVE in background in light Blue.
Back: Blank ?
WaterMark: Need to Findout

Vertical Hand stamp ISSUED IN KANDY in center indicates a note issued within the few months from change of name in 1857 to obtaining charter on 1857 September 15th.

Art design has lot in common with the Ceylon Government Treasury Notes of 1850.

Text from Spink Auction 2011 April of 19th Century Ceylon Notes.
Scanned Image from Auction Catalog at about 270 dpi displayed at 50 dpi. Size estimated from height of Serial no and assuming it is same as Note from HSBC Archive scanned @ 200 dpi.

Please contact kavan @ if I have made errors in encoding the Thamil in Unicode.