2015 - Sri Lanka - Currency note
Development, Prosperity and Sri Lanka Dancers

When Mithripala Serisena defeated Mahinda Rajapakse at the presidential elections on 2015 the governor of the Central Bank Ajith Nivard Caabral resigned the nextday. Ravi Karunanayake was appointed Finance Minister of the UNP minority government on January 12th and Arjuna Mahendaran assumed duties as the governor of the Central Bank on January 26th. (CBSL) issued, for circulation, currency notes with new signatures on the "Development, Prosperity and Sri Lanka Dancers" theme dated 2015-02-04 with no press announcement.

Photo shows Mr. A. Mahendran placing the specimen signature to be used in currency notes.

This is only the third time since the Sinhala only act of 1956 that anyone signed in English. The only other exceptions are Finance Ministers M. H. M. Nainamarikkar in 1988, and K. N. Choksy in 2001 signing the Currency notes in English. Even CBC governor A. G. Ranasinha who had signed the 1954 note in English, signed the 1956 note in Sinhala. A. Mahendran was the First governor of the Central Bank to sign in English.

A media report nearly three year ago in 2012 September said that CBSL has given a written undertaking to include the words "this currency note issued on behalf the Government of Sri Lanka is valid for any financial transaction within Sri Lanka" in the Tamil and English language and provide equal prominence to all three languages when issuing currency notes in future. This has not yet been implemented.

I saw my first note on 2015 May 8th. I have been informed that so far only a Rs 5000/- note was released about mid April 2015.

D. B. Wijetunga was was both Prime Minister and Finance Minister under the Presidency of President Ranasinghe Premadasa. When Premadasa was assassinated by the LTTE on 1993 May 1st he became President and retained the Finance Ministry, an addition to executive power which was continued by President Chandrika Kumaratunga in her first term in office, and adopted by President Mahinda Rajapakse in both his terms. When Ravi Karunaratne became Finance Minister, CBSL was retained under the Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinge. However it is the Finance Minister who represents the government to CBSL as shown on right.