2016 - Sri Lanka - Currency note
Development, Prosperity and Sri Lanka Dancers

Dr Idrajit Coomaraswamy was appointed the Governor of the Centarl Bank on 2016 July 4th by president Mithripala Serisena on temination of the term of Arjuna Mahendran on 2016 June 30th. Arjuna Mahendran had served only the remainder of the six year term of Ajith Nivard Caabral, and did not seek a new term consequent to an alleged Bond Scam.

Photo shows Dr. Idrajit Coomaraswamy placing the specimen signature to be used in currency notes.

In early July 2016 I was told by a realiable source that DeLaRu was still printing notes dated 2015-07-04 with the old CBSL governors signature. However in late August 2016 I was told that DeLaRu had started printing Notes with new CBSL govenors signature.

CBSL issued, for circulation, currency notes with new signatures on the "Development, Prosperity and Sri Lanka Dancers" theme dated 2016-07-04 in 2017 April with no press announcement.

An image of a new Rs50 note was first posted on SLNS list on 2017 April 8th by Methsiri Premawansha who had got it from a Super Market. The next day Brig. Siri Munasingha got some Rs500 notes from an Bank ATM. On April 11th I got new Rs50 from Bank of Ceylon. There had been no announcement by CBSL.

The Rs500 being released was unexpected since very few of 2015 Rs500 notes were released. The prefix T/131 implies that CBSL printed 15M with ArjunaM signature although only 2M has been seen in Circulation for a long time, till I got T/125 around the time new signatures were released..

CBSL did not released a full set into circulation for 2017 Sinhala and Tamil New Year Season. When I visited CBSL on Tuesday 2017 April 11th I was told they had no new signature notes in CBSL cash counter. CBSL webpage which had not been updated since 2015 November, was finally updated on 2017 May 15th in responce to my RTI request 11/17.

Rs 5050MV/161V/163V/21550M
Rs 50050MT/131T/131T/18250M
Rs500030MR/91 R/ R/12030M

The new notes that move fastest or lowerest lifetime are the Rs20, Rs50, Rs100 Both Rs20 and Rs100 had been minted beyond the initial allocations for 2015-02-04, while the Rs50 was minted as original allocation.

A new Finance Minister Mr Mangala Samaraweera took office on 2017 May 25 ending this pair of signatures in less than 1 year without the printing of any Rs 20, Rs100 and Rs1000 notes according to RTI 11/17. The Rs5000 had still to be released.