2017 - Sri Lanka - Currency note
Development, Prosperity and Sri Lanka Dancers

President Mithripala Serisena on 2017 May 22 swaped out the Minister of Finance Ravi Karunanayake and apointed the then Foreign Minister Mangala Sawaraweera who assumed as the New Finance Minister 2017 May 25th. (CBSL) will probably issue, for circulation, currency notes with new signatures on the "Development, Prosperity and Sri Lanka Dancers" theme dated 2017-05-22.

Photo shows Mr. Mangala Samaraweera placing his signature when we took over the Finance Ministry.

When CBSL releases new signatures to circulation there should be a Press Release from CBSL to inform public of any change to the currency in circulation. This was not done previously in 2014 when the thickness of the New 2010 notes was increased for the Rs 20,50,and 100 denominations using the same date, nor when the signatures were changed in 2015-02-04 and 2016-07-04 issues.

I hope they will be also made available to collectors like the 2010 issue which in 2017 May are the ones still being sold from the CBSL currency Museum. There is no mention of new signature in CBSL Museum which should have the responsibility to give the latest information to the public and collectors on coin and currency issue of Sri Lanka.

In 2017 September 21st DeLaRu presented a specimen Rs 5000 Note with new Finance Minister's signature. The note is not stamped Specimen, but has a special serial number MPS 19560421 which is the initial and Birth Day of Mangala Pinsiri Samaraweera born on 1956 April 21st. Is DeLaRue playing with our money by this printing of a Personalised Currency Note.

Unsure if all six denominations will be authorised by the Monetory Board for printing. The 2017-05-22 dated currency notes according to CBSL and CBSL RTI 11/17 should have the start serial numbers as
Rs 20MW/411W/W/M
Rs 50MV/216V/V/M
Rs 100MU/466U/U/M
Rs 500MT/183T/T/M
In 2017 December it was reported that Currency notes with signature of Mangala Samaraweera have been printed and sent to CBSL. However many notes with signature of Ravi Karunanayaka have been printed before change notes with his signature of 2015-02-04 and 2016-07-04 are yet to be released. Currency Notes with signature of Mangala Samaraweera will probabaly take a long time to be seen in circulation.

A media report over five year ago in 2012 September said that CBSL has given a written undertaking to include the words "this currency note issued on behalf the Government of Sri Lanka is valid for any financial transaction within Sri Lanka" in the Tamil and English language and provide equal prominence to all three languages when issuing currency notes in future. This has not yet been implemented, and may probabaly be done with a new series which is expected in 2018 or 2020.