The Government of Ceylon : 1917
Two Rupee Note

The Two Rupee currency note issued by the Board of Commissioners of Currency on 1st March 1917.

The Notes are 127 by 76 mm i.e. 5 by 3 inches.
Printed by Thomas De La Rue & Co. Ltd., London
Water-mark: None on paper manufactured by DeLaRue.

Front : Red on Green underprint. THE GOVERNMENT OF CEYLON centered on top above Promises to pay the Bearer on Demand the Sum of the value in words TWO RUPEES in a 4.5-inch bar, with on either side a numeric 2 within a circle. Just below the value රුපියල් දෙකයි in Sinhala Text to left and Text in Tamil on right. The Black Serial number above and below below on both left and right. Two facsimile signatures below with Colombo, 1st March 1917 to left and COMMISSIONERS OF CURRENCY to right. FOR THE GOVERNMENT OF CEYLON in two lines in a panel at bottom center of frame, above Printer name THOS DE LA RUE & Co LTD LONDON at upper edge of bottom margin.
Back : Blank

Date on BankNoteSignatures of
Commissioners of Currency
Range of Serial #Mintage
in K
1st March 1917 R.E. Stubbs & Bernard Senior A/1 00001 - A/8 50000 850
1st March 1917 R.E. Stubbs & Bernard Senior A/8 50001 - A/12 50000 400LDEA
1st March 1917 R.E. Stubbs & Bernard Senior A/12 50001 - A/27 66000 1516

The Principal currency note Ordinance (No. 32 of 1884) was amended by Ordinance No.1 of 1917 to permit the issue of the one and two rupee denominations.

Only a rainbow coloured effect in front protects against forgery of this note without a watermark.

LDEA - These notes lost in SS Mongolia, sunk by enemy action.

The notes were demonetized with all notes dated before January 1, 1940 on 1946 April 13th and ceased to be legal tender with effect July 31, 1946.

The details of this issue are from Sri Lanka Currency of Recent Times 1938-1985 T. M. U. Sallay, 1986 Colombo:Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

The 99 dpi image is from a Spink Auction Listing and displayed at 50 dpi.
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