Government of Ceylon : 1941
George VI Pictorial - Rs. 2.

King George VI Pictorial Two Rupees currency note issued dated 1st February 1941 by the Board of Commissioners of Currency during WWII with legend Promise to Pay ...
1941_02_kgvi_r2_front 1941_02_kgvi_r2_back
The Notes are 127 by 76 mm i.e. 5 by 3 inches.
Printed by lithography process in India Government Security Press.
Water-mark: Ratnapura Raised Lion with whip on paper manufactured by Messrs Portals Ltd.

Front : Violet on Brown, and blue underprint. Portrait of King George VI on the left, a water-mark panel on the right, and the value in words TWO RUPEES in single lines in center and in figures 2 slanted on the top two corners. GOVERNMENT OF CEYLON in an arc above PROMISE TO PAY BEARER ON DEMAND THE SUM OF in an arc and two lines. The date 1ST FEBRUARY 1941 appears above the two facsimile signatures H.J. Huxham & C.H. Collins with COMMISSIONERS OF CURRENCY below. The centered Serial number below. Lower the value රුපියල් දෙකයි in Sinhala on left and Text in Tamil on right.
Back : Violet on a Lilac, Green, and Orange tint underprint with Micro printing text THE GOVERNMENT OF CEYLON. Pictorial at center with caption SIGIRIYA ROCK with lake and foliag in foreground. Centered on top THE GOVERNMENT OF CEYLON in an arc. The value in figures 2 on four corners, with upper two slanted. Lower the value රුපියල් දෙකයි in Sinhala on left and Text in Tamil on right.

Date on BankNoteSignatures of
Commissioners of Currency
Range of Serial #Mintage
in K
1ST FEBRUARY 1941H.J. Huxham & C.H. Collins E/l 000001 - E/3 500000 2500
1ST FEBRUARY 1941H.J. Huxham & C.H. Collins E/3 500001 - E/4 500000 1000 40K
1ST FEBRUARY 1941H.J. Huxham & C.H. Collins E/4 500001 - E/4 777000 277

Booklets issued with 25 Notes each with single staple on left on 1/4 inch (6 mm) perforated counterfoil with baige soft board covers on front and back. Printed on front cover GOVERNMENT OF CEYLON underlined with 25 CURRENCY NOTES OF Rs. 2. in 3 lines below.
The notes were demonetized with all notes dated before 1950 December 31st on 1955 August 26th and ceased to be legal tender with effect 1956 August 31st.

The details of this issue are from Sri Lanka Currency of Recent Times 1938-1985 T. M. U. Sallay, 1986 Colombo:Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
The Unc Specimen note waa scanned at 300 dpi and displayed at 50 dpi. I thank Mr Tuan Sallay for it.