1998 - Sri Lanka - 200 rupee note
50th Independence Anniversary

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Sri Lanka regaining Independence and a plastic two hundred rupee note was issued on 1998, February, 4th together with three commemorative coins; a five thousand rupee gold coin, a one thousand rupee silver coin, a ten rupee bi-mettalic coin.

Predominant Color : Blue  |  Size : 146 x 74 mm
Serial Prefix : N  |  Replacement Prefix: None
Florescent Fiber :  |  Braille : Embossed
Printer : Note Printing Australia Limited

Front: Progress during 50 years of Independence

* Free education and health services
* Gal Oya development project
* Electricity development
* Bandaranaike Memorial International Conference Hall
* Mahaweli development project
* Bandaranaike International Airport
* Telecommunications development
* Investment Promotion Zone
* New parliament complex of Sri Jayewardenepura, Kotte
* Industrial development
* Development of the Colomho city and the port
* Unity and peace

Back: The National Heritage

* Advent of Prince Vijaya (6th Century BC)
* Arrival of Arahant Mahinda and introduction of Buddhism during the reign of King Devanampiyatissa (308 BC)
* King Dutugemunu unites Sri Lanka and pays respect to the enemy King Elara and builds the Maha Seva (2nd Century BC)
* King Kasyapa builds his palace at the Sigiriya rock fortress and decorates it with frescoes (6th Century AD)
* King Parakramabahu the Great constructs the Sea of Parakrama (12th Century AD)
* Invasion of Sri Lanka by thc Portuguese
the Dutch
and conquest by the British
(16th Century AD)
(17th Century AD)
(19th Century AD)
* Wariyapola Sri Sumangala Thero hauling down the British Flag at the Kandyan convention(1815 AD)


Unlike other currency notes of Sri Lanka which are produced on special paper, this Rs 200 note to commemorate the regaining of independence by Sri Lanka 50 years ago, is produced for the first time in polymer plastic. The note is legal tender in Sri Lanka. As a commemorative issue, only a limited number of notes will be issued. The artwork of the note has been done by Mr Ananda Somathilake and Mr Gamini Mendis under the direction of Mr Albert Dharmasiri attached to the Institute of Aesthetic Studies, University of Kelaniya.

Security Features of the Note

* Transparent window
* Translucent shadow image
* An artistic impression of the heraldic lion of Sri Lanka within a lotus design
* Micro printing
* Embossing of the '200' in Braille to be recognized by the visually impaired
* See through feature of the lotus flower
* Fluorescent features

The Rupees 200/- Polymer Currency note was produced by note printing Australia.

A triple fold souvenir card with the note encased in a removable mount was issued. The serial number of these notes are printed in red unlike black used in the notes in general circulation. The issue price of the souvenir_card was Rs 400/- (US $6.25). It was also sold frozen in a block of plastic with a issue price of Rs 650/- (US $10).
The note was scaned at 100dpi and the images are displayed at 100dpi. The uncirculated note was obtained from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka. The text on this page is from the commemorative souvenir card.

Media Report CDN 1998 02 06