2013 - CHOGM Sri Lanka - 500 Rupee note

2013 - Sri Lanka - 500 Rupee note
Commenwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM)

The Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) issued, for circulation, a modified Rs 500 currency note to commemorate CHOGM 2013 Sri Lanka" on 2013 November 15th, dated 2013-11-15.

Predominant Color : Purple  |  Size : 143 x 67 mm
Serial Prefix : T  |  Replacement Prefix: Z/5
Florescent Fiber : Yellow  |  Braille : Four Dots
Printer : Thomas De la Rue, Sri Lanka

The commemorative note is the same as the regular series Rs 500 note except for the replacement of the butterfly on lower left with the CHOGM 2013 Sri Lanka logo and a slight modification of the watermark.

Front: Landscape
An artist's impression of World Trade Centre and Bank of Ceylon Headquarters in the city of Colombo and a view of the ancient Buddhist temple Lankathilaka Viharaya at Kandy to upper right. Illustrated are the Sri Lanka bird Emerald Collared Parakeet (Layard's Parakeet) to the right, and the CHOGM 2013 Sri Lanka logo in single Purple Color to the lower left.

Back: Portrait
A drawing of a Thelme dancer and a Yak Bera drummer. A Padmanidhi guard stone is on the upper right on a vertical Band with a stylized floral motif, Dvithva Liya Vela. A map of Sri Lanka appears in the background centered to the left of this band.

The watermark has an additional design on either side of the electrotype vertical numerals 500. The security thread is a Starchrome with 2 mm width, which changes colour from red to green with the letters CBSL RS500
The notes carry the facsimile signatures of the Hon. Minister of Finance, HE President Mahinda Rajapaksa and the Governor of the Central Bank, Mr. Ajith Nivard Cabraal.

CBSL has already printed 50 million of the current 2010 Rs500 note and the 5 million commemoratives will have serial prefix T/51 to T/55.

Host countries of previous CHOGMs have also issued such commemorative Numismatic items. In 2007 the Bank of Uganda issued a sh10,000 Note and in 2009 Trinidad And Tobago a $100 Currency Note. In 2011 the Royal Australian Mint issued a one dollar coin.

On Monday November 11th the commemorative currency note was put on display at the New CBSL Economic History Museum at Center Point which was opened that day. On Friday 15th a limited edition attractive Currency Folder with first 5000 serial numbers was sold for Rs 800/ (US$6), and will be on Sale at CBSL website. The Logo of PrintCare appears on the lower-right edge of back of folder. The rest have been issued into circulation at face value and available from CBSL or any Bank.

An open competition was organized with deadline 2012 July 4th to select the official logo of CHOGM 2013. With over 150 entries received nationwide the design submitted by Mr Jagath Jayasinghe was selected. It depicts the national flower of Sri Lanka the blue water lily (Nil Manel) surrounded by multicolored petals, which represent the diversity and unity among the Commonwealth countries,

The Sri Lankan note appears to be a rush job since final approval from the monetary board only happened after August when the rumour of this note first circulated. Printing the logo in only Purple was probably done modifying the final Intaglio print rather than all Four plates required for a multicolor logo. However the butterfly has been erased completely from other plates. Since the Multicolour was an essential part of the logo it is a pity that De La Rue, was unable to print it in colour on the currency note.

A media report over a year ago in 2012 September said that CBSL has given a written undertaking to include the words "this currency note issued on behalf the Government of Sri Lanka is valid for any financial transaction within Sri Lanka" in the Tamil and English language and provide equal prominence to all three languages when issuing currency notes in future. This has not yet been implemented. See Equality of Languages to be Enforced on Currency Notes.

Read my New CHOGM Rs. 500 currency note in 2013 November 17th, Sunday Times Business Times Section.

Also released to CHOGM 2013 delegates was a Welcome Token given to CBSL free by The Royal Mint UK.

Text edited from Press Release of the CBSL. 300 dpi images scanned from Note in folder obtained from CBSL on 2013-11-15.