Dutch Ceylon Kredit Brief
1795 Kolumbo

The Last issue of Kredit Brief was dated 1795 September 17th, was of 10 Ryxds and 5 Ryxds Notes. According to Codrington CCC on page 143 the highest known number of Authorised issue is 814 and 777 respectively. A Total of 12,025 Ryxds.

Denomination : 5 Ryxds
Dutch : vyf
Sinhala : පහකට
Thamil :
Size : 164 x 245 mm
Date : 17 September 1795
Status : Canceled
Pick Unlisted

Front: No .... Goed voor Ryksdaalders 5 huge in rectangle.

Zegge VYF Ryksdaalders.
WY ondergetekende Certificeeren, dat Thoonder deezes, by de Compagnie te goet heeft Vyf Ryksdaalders van 48 zwaare Stuyvers, Indisch-Geld. voor welkers waerde dees Kreditbrief overal ten deezen Eilande gangbaar zal gehouden worden (In Dutch)

............... ඉලක්කම පතාග පහකට හොදයි ෴

මෙක පෙනනන අයගෙ: ඊන්දියාවෙ මුදල්වු පතාගයට ඉස්තිබ්‍රි හතලිස් අටගනනේ පතාග දහක් කොම්පඤෙඤ්වෙත තිබෙනබව මෙහි පහල අතහන්කල අපි එලිදරවු කරනවායැ. එ වෙනිගනනට මෙ විස්වාසකෙරිමෙ ලිවුම මෙ දිවයිනේ සැමතැනම වලගුවෙනඩ යෙදේයැ. (in Sinhala)

(in Thamil).

KOLUMBO den 17. SEPTEMBER Anno 1795
. The manuscript signatures of C, van Angelbeek Hoofd Administrateur T. G. Hofland Negotie Boekhouder
Endorsement in English
3 pCent per annum on this Kredit Brief payable by the British Government of Ceylon under the condition of the Sixth article of the Capitulation of Columbo.
Below Black rectangular Seal with Arabic text in middle of Signature Geo  Gregory over Reg?
WaterMark: Need to Findout

Was the Black rectangular Seal put by the Dutch or the British at time of endorsement. If Dutch it probably came from Batavia. If British why the Arabic letters.

Back: Blank except for handwritten Endorsments some in red ink of interest up to 1912

I thank Rodolf Boekel for tanslation of Dutch to English as

We, the signatory, certify that bearer, here at the company, has a balance of Five Rix Dollars of 48 heavy stivers Indian money, for which value this Letter of Credit will be in circulation anywhere on this island.
p> The Endorsement in English and the Signature and Black rectangular seal at the bottom was put by the British, after they accepted the liability and agreed to pay interest for up to £50,000 of Kredit Brief and Kas Nooten still in Circulation.

On the upper right corner of this Note there is the oldest Endorsement which says Interest Paid from 15th February to 15th August 1796. This Inerest at 3% per annum would have been 3.6 Stuivers for 6 months.

A most important financial document issued at a turbulent period of Ceylon's history. There is one other example believed extant and that is in the Dutch Maritime Museum in Amsterdam. In 2016 November 2nd I Tried to see the Kredit Brief at the Maritime Museum in Amsterdam but as it was in Storage, all I was able to get is a photo from an exhibition catalog.

Image 100 dpi displayed at 50 dpi from 2017 Sept 28th Spink Auction Lot 1297 1795 5 Ryxd estimated value at £ 20,000-25,000, Passed without bids at 19,000 pounds. (About lkRs 5 M with 20% premium )
I thank Spink for sending me the high resolution scans of both sides of the Note.

Text from
* Ceylon Coins and Currency By H. W. Codrington. Colombo 1924
  Chapter X Dutch - Page 124, 144

Note that all of "dot"s above the Thamil characters are missing from the crudely printed Thamil Text.

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