1965 Elections Sangabodhi Bank
Sri Lanka - Fantasy Bill

A Fantasy hand bill printed for the 1965 General Elections, printed in political party color Red of LSSP and approxomate size and colors of Rs 5 currency notes in circulation around that time.

Predominant Color : Red  |  Size : 127 x 64 mm
Numeral : 2508  |  Print : 100 dpi Block
Printer : Unnamed, Sri Lanka
FRONT: Landscape
In Sinhala Sanga Bodhi Central Bank on top center Banner, and below Jayanthi Producers. Buddhist Era (BE) Year 2508 slanted in upper two corners. On left hand gesture of Universal Kindness inside Buddhist Dharma Chakra within three concentric circles. On right within circle, portraits of the three founders of Communist Party Dr. S. A. Wickramasinghe, and LSSP Mr Philip Gunewardena and Dr. N. M. Perera. Red print of geometric floral designs with a central eight spoke wheel which as regions from blue overprint. Probably representing a possible coalition with SLFP

BACK: Landscape
Identical Red Print without the Blue overprint.

The Bill design has been finely drawn by hand with the layout and design of the Red Rs 5 note which had been in circulation since 1954. Printed 1% wider and same height by two color 100 dpi block printing.

Fantasy bill has been scanned at 300 dpi and displayed at 75 dpi

The fantasy bill with 7 others was sold as a group by Fred Medis on SLNS meeting auction in 2017 February.

Please correct me if I have wrongly identified the three Political Personalities.