1970 Elections Sangabodhi Bank
Sri Lanka - Fantasy bill

A Fantasy hand bill printed for the 1970 General Elections by Thowfeek Stores The fantasy bill is printed in approxomate size and colors of Rs 50 currency notes in circulation around that time.

Predominant Color : Blue  |  Size : 159 x 82 mm
Numeral : 2513/2508  |  Print : 100 dpi Block
Printer : Thowfeek Stores, Sri Lanka
FRONT: Landscape
In Sinhala Sri SangaBodhi Bank on top center banner, and bottom center banner in English. Buddhist Era (BE) Year 2513 in upper two corners. On Left Ruwanwelisaya Stupa with Elephant Wall, and Moonstone at entrance. On right head within floral circle. Background an array of Buterfly patterns. Four animal igures in box facing inwards on eitherside. Blue print of geometric and floral designs. Printer or Publisher Thowfeek Stores left of center on bottom margin.

BACK: Landscape
In English SRI SANGA BODHI BANK on top center Banner, and below in Sinhala. Buddhist Era (BE) Year 2508 in four corners. On left the Hand political symbol of Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) On right the character ශ්‍රී (Shri) with Lion Flag of 1948 on left and Buddhist Flag on right. Blue print of geometric floral designs.

2513 is BE year of the election on 1970 May 27th. 2508 is BE year of the previous election on 1965 March 22nd.

It appears they have used the previous elections block for back of handbill. For previous election in 1965 there is a 2508 bill with 2505 at back.

The bill design has been finely drawn by hand with the layout and design of the Blue Rs 50 note which had been in circulation since 1952. Printed 5% wider and 4% higher by single color 100 dpi block printing.

Fantasy bill has been scanned at 300 dpi amd displayed at 75 dpi

The torn fantasy bill with 7 others was sold as a group by Fred Medis on SLNS meeting auction in 2017 February.