1988 - Ranasinghe Premadasa
Sri Lanka - Fantasy note

A Political Fantasy note with image of Prime Minister Hon Ranasinghe Premadasa printed leading upto the 1988 December 19th Presidential Election and 1989 February 15th General Elections of Sri Lanka.

Predominant Colors: Orange - Brown |  Size : 157 x 74 mm
Denomination : 000  |  Print : 100 dpi Offset
Printer : H. A. S. Perera, Publisher.

FRONT: Landscape
Colors and layout of Design like the Rs 100 note of 1988 which had been in circulation since 1982. In Sinhala Sri Lanka Udagama on top center banner and For starting this Concept, to Hon. Prime Minister, Our Tribute in centered text below. 10 with Anniversary below in all four corners. In center in three lines of Sinhala text Not a currency note issued on behalf of Sri Lanka Government. This cannot be used for and Money transaction within Sri Lanka Signed in Sinhala H. A. S. Perera, Publisher, with date 1988-06-23 which is the start date of 10th GamUdawa, and every GamUdawa held starting on his Birthday June 23rd. A pair of serial numbers in upper right and lower left written as 23/6 1988

BACK: Landscape
In three Vertical panels Portrait Photograph of Prime Minister Ranasinghe Premadasa on Left facing forward right, Illustration of his Housing Project, and on Right drawing of Dagoba with caption Kavantissa Stupa - Udagama Commemoration in Sinhala.

The note design has been neatly drawn by hand with the design features and colours of the 1988 Rs 100 currency note. Printed about 1% wider and 3% higher by color 150 dpi offset printing.

The fantasy note with 5 others was sold as a group by Harry Gunewardena at a SLNS meeting auction in 200?.

Fantasy has been scanned at 300 dpi and displayed at 75 dpi