2550 B.E. - Buddha Jayanthi
Sri Lanka - Fantasy note

A Fantasy note to commemorate the 2550 B.E. Buddha Jayanthi, printed in 2006 by HondaHitha Enterprise which runs a popular Curd Shop on Pagoda Road, Nugegoda. It has been digitaly edited on a scan of a CBSL Rs 1000 currency note issued between 1995 and 2006.

Predominant Color : Green  |  Size : 185 x 90 mm
Denomination : 2550  |  Print : 100 dpi Offset
Publisher : Manawathilaka Warshahennadige

FRONT: Landscape
Colors and layout of Design like the Rs 1000 note of 2006 which had been in circulation since 1995. In Sinhala Sri Sambuddha Dharma Jayanthiya on top center banner. Small cameos of a Buddhist Flag and Portrait of Mihinda Rajpaksha below to left. Lots of Buddhist oriented veneration below in Sinhala text printed in Blue. On right image of Stupa with caption Ruwanweli Mahasa Samidun in Anuradhapura Sri Lanka. 2550 in 3 both upper and lower right Corners. Signed below in Sinhala Manawathilaka Warshahennadige, Governor Hondahitha Enterprises. Distributed Free to Commemorate 2550 Sri Sambuddha Dharma Jayanthiya. Portrait orientation Two Thousand Five Hundered Fifty on Top and Printed by YASA 0777 660250 at Bottom.

BACK: Portrait
2550 in top left and bottom right. On in lower part image of Bo-Tree with caption Jayasiri Maha bo Samidun - Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka. Superimposed printed in white the List of the Buddhist Nobel Eight Fold Path.

The note design has been finely drawn by hand with the design features and colours of the 2006 Rs 1000 currency note. Printed same 18% wider and 15% higher by color 150 dpi offset printing with a 5 mm white boder.

The fantasy note was obtained from a collector.

Fantasy note has been scanned at 300 dpi and displayed at 75 dpi

CBSL was considering prosecuting as this note violates the Monetary Board Act, when it was reported in the Sinhala media that the Enterprising Chairmen had gifted some Notes to President Mahinda Rajapakse who was also Finance Minister, pledging his loyalty. CBSL was forced to ignore the violation.