2009 - Sri Lanka - Fantasy note
One Country - One Flag

A Fantasy note printed during the celebrations, soon after the 2009 May 19th Victory over the LTTE. They were sold by street hawkers for about Rs10/- each. Most used a scan of a circulated Rs1000/- note as background, and also used image of HE Mahinda Rajapaksa with Victory jesture of hands held high, which was later used in a real currency note issued by CBSL in 2009 November.

Predominant Color : Green  |  Size : 179 x 89 mm
Denomination : 2009  |  Print : 150 dpi Offset
Printer : Unknown, Colombo 11, Sri Lanka

FRONT: Landscape
Image: National Flag of Sri Lanka in Background.
Busts of the United Team, from Left to right

Text: On Top For the War Heros who united Lanka under one Flag
The Peoples Greatest tribute
On Bottom Tiger Terrorism which lasted for 30 years
On 2009-05-19 day was completely ended
BACK: Portrait
Image: His Excellency the President, Mahinda Rajapaksa with hands with Victory jesture of hands held high with a background composed of a mosaic of images from the Eelam War IV
Text: On Top : Victory's Greatest Year 2009
On Bottom : One country - one Flag

The note design has been digitally edited with a regular Rs1000/- currency note scan as background. No signature, date, or name of printer. Printed 14% larger by color 150 dpi offset printing.

The fantasy note was purchased from a street hawker in Colombo Fort. Requesting to buy some more from hawker, I was led to a wholesale shop in Pettah.
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Fantasy note has been scanned at 150 dpi amd displayed at 75 dpi

Please correct any errors in my Sinhala Translation.